Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Gift For Our Favorite Doctor

My daughter's six month heart check up went great today!  Her heart function was unchanged, so we can relax and continue to enjoy our good health and new adventures in preschool.

Aubrey's pediatric cardiologist and the entire staff are amazing.  I truly feel like they are family.  The staff hasn't changed much at all in our nearly 5 years of being with them.  We always see the same radiologist, nurse, and of course, cardiologist.  They have watched Aubrey grow from birth and I can see how much they honestly care about her.  I can't say enough wonderful things about their practice and staff.  

Since we were visiting so close to the holidays, I really wanted to make something nice for Dr. Casarez and his office.  At the end of each visit, he has us come into his office and sit down to go over her EKG and Echo reports and give us a run down of where we are and how her heart is doing.  He always pulls out a puzzle for Aubrey, gives her his iPhone to play with, or puts on a kids video on his computer, so we can talk.  I started digging through my sewing books and I knew there was a perfect project for him in here:

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I love this book!  I want to make everything in here!  I have made all the fruits, veggies, eggs, and grocery bag. You don't need a sewing machine for any of the patterns, it's all hand sewn, and the patterns come with the book.  You just need to photo copy them or trace them.  There are several cute sets: camping, tools belt and tools, bbq, cake, Christmas ornaments, gingerbread house, computer and office set, cutting board and knife and fruit you can cut and put back together, ice cream sundae .... and I think it's like $12!  

 I love this doctor kit, but we already have plastic one, so no need for this in our house.  I thought this would be the perfect gift to give to Dr. Casarez to have in his office for the little ones to play with while their parents talk to him about their child's prognosis.

Here is how mine came out:

I apologize for the poor picture quality, but this took a lot longer than I had planned and I had to stay up late trying to stitch together the last of the pieces before her appointment in the morning.  I snapped these, half asleep, at 12pm.  

Speaking of which, I am exhausted!  

Time for bed.

Good night all!

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